To be the University’s library with a forward-looking vision, with all the modern information resources to serve its own academic community.


Support the educational process and scientific research by providing the university employees with and giving them access to the different information resources.



  • Making the information resources available to the university’s employees and community access

  •  Balanced development of collections in all disciplines 

  • Organizing information resources in line with the latest technologies 

  • Developing the library systems based on the latest developments in library and information services 

  • Providing information and library services to facilitate search and retrieval through publications, catalogs, bibliographies, directories, indexes... 

  • Preparing induction programs for students and faculty on services, while training them on how to use available information resources and how to capitalize on deanship’s assets. 

  • Serving users by responding to queries and meeting their requests as soon as possible 

  • Creating the right study and research environment within the library 

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