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His Excellency the President of the University of Hafr Al-Batin, Dr. Saleh bin Mufleh Al Saqr receives the Director of the Human Rights Commission in the Eastern Region, Ms. Nawal Al Bawardi

On Wednesday, the President of Hafr Al-Batin University, Dr. Saleh bin Mufleh Al Saqr, received the Director of the Human Rights Commission’s Branch in the Eastern Region, Ms. Nawal Al-Bawardi, and the accompanying delegation. The university, which may contribute to extending bridges of cooperation between the university and the authority in a way that achieves the public interest. He also pointed out that the university has an institutional work that promotes the values ​​of rights and duties represented in the Student Rights Protection Unit.
Dr. Al-Saqer welcomed any possible field of cooperation between the two parties, pointing out that the Department of Social Studies at the College of Arts is concerned with conducting studies and research in social issues, and through its specialists and other scientific departments, various social phenomena can be monitored and relevant scientific research is conducted.
He concluded by noting that it is possible in coordination with the Deanship of Community Service to hold training courses adopted by the authority to familiarize the local community with the role of the authority and raise awareness of concepts related to human rights in order to achieve the goals for which the authority was established.
Her Excellency the Director of the Authority's branch in the Eastern Province presented introductory brochures that include an overview of the Authority, its council, composition and jurisdiction.


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